lunedì 1 febbraio 2010

Pianeti-Marte 1/2/2010

Mars, Celestron Celestar 8" + Imaging Source DMK21AU04.AS + Celestron barlow Ultima 2x + Celestron barlow OMNI 2x + Baader Irpass, F45 Roma.

2 commenti:

gjmccormick ha detto...

You have great images. Would you mind telling me what you use to focus?

Eminem2Pac ha detto...

i used only the built-in focuser of my celestar 8", there is a nice method to get a good focus, u have to get a low gain of ur astronomy camera then when your image is near the dark try to focus the image until u see a perfect image, low gain let u to set-up more quickly then with high gain, try to belive...ciaooo